The mission of the 办公室保留 is to retain students and increase the 4-year graduation rate by providing comprehensive academic and co-curricular support programs that empower students to succeed academically and personally.

保留办公室由1.98 million dollar Title III Strengthening Institutions awarded by the Department of Education.

Even for the best students, college presents a whole new set of challenges.

At Greensboro College, we know the journey to graduation can be a tough one. The 办公室保留 is 在这里 to help students navigate their path and work through anything that stands in the way of their success. 我们认识到每个学生都面临着独特的挑战. Our mission is to guide all students from all 背景 to achieve their full potential as graduates of Greensboro College.


  • Leading initiatives and student support programs grounded in best-practice research that equip students with the tools, 技能, 以及完成这四年所需的资源
  • Partnering with faculty and staff to align the academic and co-curricular experience
  • Creating and integrating specific interventions to increase success 股本 and access for first-generation college students, income-sensitive学生, 还有来自边缘化背景的学生


每个学生都是不同的,我们喜欢这样. 我们庆祝他们的不同身份, 背景, 经历, 文化, perspectives and abilities as strengths that enrich the Greensboro College community.

大学是一个过渡时期. We empower students to face the challenges and take charge of their college experience—and whatever comes next.


The 办公室保留 offers several resources and programs to support students throughout their college journey and empower them to succeed, 包括:

Greensboro College is rooted in the belief that everyone has a place in our campus community. 了解我们为什么以及如何支持多样性.

在海湾合作委员会,用全新的方式分享你的声音, w在这里 students can find the tools and support to create any type of communication project they can dream up—from a paper to a presentation to a podcast.

对于一些最严格的课程, students can receive additional support through peer-led teaching and learning groups, as well as supplemental one-on-one instruction from our professors.

We empower our students to become the best version of themselves. Your Path Forward is our 4 year common experience that helps students carve out their own road to a successful graduation—and receive support from several Greensboro College programs along the way. 这是一条可能的路径.


Find your place at Greensboro College and take charge of your college experience.

  • All first year students take the Greensboro College Seminar to to learn how to successfully transition to college and get connected with the GC Community
  • 了解更多关于GC第一年的经验是什么样的 在这里.


Dive further into the Greensboro community and understand what you want your future path to look like.

  • We understand that t在这里 is no straight line from a student’s major to career. Second year students are encouraged to declare their major within the 1st semester of the second year to increase their ability to graduate in 4 years.
  • CLD 2100 -明确你的道路帮助学生确定他们的兴趣, 个性, 技能 and values to explore careers and begin preparing for internships.
  • The Success Advocate Program is a pilot program in Fall 2020 that is designed to increase the bridge of support students’ first year through 2nd year by connecting students with faculty and staff across campus who check-in with them throughout the semester


Explore opportunities like graduate programs and internships that can help plan for post-grad life.

  • Dive into experiential opportunities like internships or independent research studies with a faculty member in your field of interest
  • Prepare for graduate school and job preparation with the help of 职业和个人发展办公室



  • We look forward to celebrating all that you have accomplished through a number of recognition ceremonies and of course, 毕业!

塔莎米. 迈尔斯
学生中心- 101
, ext. 5463

塔莎米. 迈尔斯 is a passionate higher education professional with more than 10 years of experience, 包括项目创建和扩展方面的创新, 专业发展, 和培训. She brings to Greensboro College her extensive knowledge of theory in 领导, 学生发展, 和身份发展. Tasha is dedicated to creating and maintaining inclusive environments centered on the concept of community, 股本, 社会责任, 和利他主义. 另外, 她是一位发表过有关多元化主题的主持人, 身份, 领导, 工作效率, 学生发展, 和编程.

她目前是博士.D. 北卡罗来纳A & T State University in Leadership Studies, with an emphasis in Higher Education. 她赢得了M.Ed. from the University of Georgia in College Student Affairs Administration and her B.A. 来自南佛罗里达大学公共分校 & 文化交流.


冰球突破豪华版版获得了5年1.98 million dollar Title III Strengthening Institutions grant from the Department of Education to increase student retention. The 办公室保留 is funded by the grant and implements retention practices for all students with special attention to first-generation college students, 佩尔合格的学生, 和多样化的人口.



高峰 Have more questions about academic advising, tutoring, academic support, career & 个人发展或住宿? Visit 高峰 (Personal Enrichment and Knowledge) located on the 3rd floor of Main Building. 学习更多在这里.




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